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The simple solution for supporting rooftop Duct work.

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Duct Supports

QuickFrame 175

The QuickFrame 175 is an economical support solution for duct work over 30” in diameter. Bases can also be used to support other applications such as cable tray and piping systems. It’s built to accommodate 1/2″ thread rod, or 1-5/8″ strut off the shelf.

This allows for the most flexible solutions and ease of setup. The non-penetrative design spreads out the weight load, keeping the roofing membrane safe and decking/insulation below free of damage.

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Pre-Engineered Supports for Ductwork.

  • Non-Penetrative Bases
  • On Site Adaptability
  • 17.5” x 17.5” Bases
  • 15 Year Product Warranty
  • Designed & Made in Canada
  • Optimal Weight Distribution and PSI

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The Simple Solution for Supporting Light Equipment.

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QF-175 Offers a Variety of benefits

The simple solution for supporting light equipment.

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Get your Product Recommendations right away by using our QuickFrame Specification Guide to support all major Equipment Brands & Models.


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